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Acrylic Topped Foam

The best insulation your roof has ever had. 3 LB closed-cell foam with 0 passthrough for a true insulation R-rating. This is topped with a liquid-applied acrylic membrane. A monolithic membrane on top of waterproof foam doesn't get any better.

Single Ply

A time-tested standby. Commonly installed over insulation board, Single-Ply Membranes offer a safe, economical roofing solution. We will inspect your roof and recommend the best single-ply for your roof and budget.

Metal Restoration

Old metal roofs can be restored to better than new ones with our MR system. A highly reflective white reflects no less than 85% of solar heat. Roofs that lack insulation can be spray foamed prior to applying the top coat.

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Benefits of Common Roofing Systems

Benefits of PVC Roofing

Long lifespan of up to 20-30 years with proper maintenance High resistance to wind, rain and other forms of weathering Energy efficiency and heat reflection, leading to energy savings and reduced urban heat island effect Easy installation, maintenance and customization Environmentally friendly and sustainable as it is 100% recyclable Cost-effective option, particularly for flat or low-sloped roofs

Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing

A spray foam roofing system with a coating can provide several benefits for a commercial or industrial building. Energy Efficiency: Spray foam insulation has a high R-value per inch, which means it can effectively insulate a building, reducing energy consumption and costs. The coating on top will provide an additional layer of insulation. Waterproofing: Spray foam roofing can seal gaps and cracks, providing a waterproof barrier for the roof. The coating provides an additional layer of protection against water damage. Durability: Spray foam roofing is resistant to fire, pests, and other types of damage, which means it can last for many years without needing to be replaced. The coating on top will protect the foam from UV rays and other environmental factors which will prolong the life of the foam. Easy to install: Spray foam roofing can be easily applied to a building's roof, which means it can be installed quickly and efficiently. Low maintenance: Spray foam roofing requires minimal maintenance, which will save you time and money over the long term.

Metal Restoration System with Modified Acrylic Coating

Reflectivity: Modified acrylic coating systems are highly reflective, which can help to reduce heat absorption and lower cooling costs. Durability: The coating is designed to be resistant to weathering, UV rays, and other environmental factors. This can help to extend the life of the metal roof. Water resistance: The coating forms a water-resistant barrier that can help to protect the roof from water damage. Flexibility: The coating is flexible and can expand and contract with the metal roof, reducing the risk of cracking or peeling. Easy to Apply: Modified acrylic coatings can be applied over a wide range of temperatures and can cure in a short time, making it ideal for use in tight deadlines or weather-sensitive projects. Cost-effective: Compared to other roofing options, metal roof restoration using a modified acrylic coating system can be a cost-effective solution for extending the life of an existing roof. Energy savings: Reflective roof coatings can lower the temperature of the roof and the building, reducing the cooling load, and therefore the energy consumption of the building.

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